CAS No. : 1346527-98-7

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Cat. No. : HY-19795
M.Wt: 396.44
Formula: C23H20N6O
Purity: >98 %
Solubility: DMSO : 25 mg/mL (63.06 mM; Need ultrasonic); Ethanol : < 1 mg/mL (insoluble)
Introduction of 1346527-98-7 :

ML240 is a potent p97 inhibitor, inhibiting p97 ATPase with IC50 value of 100 nM. IC50 & Target: IC50: 100 nM (p97)[1] In Vitro: ML240 is a potent p97 inhibitor, with an IC50 of 100 nM. ML240 is active in the UbG76V-GFP stabilization assay (IC50, 0.9 μM). ML240 inhibits p97 competitively with respect to ATP with a Ki values of 0.22 μM. ML240 also inhibits labeling of only three protein kinase domains by >50% when tested at 20 μM: PIP5 K3 (belongs to phosphoinositide-3 kinase family), JAK1 JH2 (N-terminal pseudokinase domain of JAK1), and DNAPK (DNA-dependent protein kinase). ML240 (1.1, 3.3, 10, or 20 μM) induces executioner caspases 3 and 7 and triggers cell death independently of apical caspases 8 and 9[1]. ML240 is cytotoxic to HCT15 and SW403 cells, with GI50s of 0.76 and 0.5 μM after treatment for 24 h, and 0.54 and 0.5 μM after treatment for 72 h, respectively[2].

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