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HY-10005  |  Flavopiridol
HY-10008  |  SNS-032
HY-10012  |  AZD-5438
HY-10014  |  R547
HY-10032  |  PF 477736
HY-10087  |  Navitoclax
HY-10128  |  ZM-447439
HY-10161  |  Tozasertib
HY-10180  |  MLN8054
HY-10192  |  NVP-TAE 684
HY-10228  |  Motesanib
HY-10249  |  GSK-690693
HY-10355  |  AKT inhibitor VIII
HY-10358  |  MK 2206 (dihydrochloride)
HY-10992  |  AZD-7762
HY-10997  |  PCI-32765
HY-11001  |  PHA-793887
HY-11002  |  CP-466722
HY-11007  |  GNF-2
HY-11009  |  CGP60474
Cat.No. Product Name / Activity Added
HY-100456 ZL006 January 2017
ZL006 is a potent inhibitor of nNOS/PSD-95 interaction, and inhibits NMDA receptor-mediated NO synthesis.
HY-100472 ZYZ-488 January 2017
HY-100664 Zopiclone N-oxide January 2017
HY-100799 ZAPA (sulfate) January 2017
HY-10088 Zibotentan January 2017
Zibotentan (ZD4054) is an orally administered, potent and specific ETA-receptor (endothelin A receptor) antagonist (IC50 = 21 nM).
HY-100991 ZK 39106 January 2017
HY-10128 ZM-447439     New January 2017
ZM 447439 is a selective and ATP-competitive inhibitor for Aurora A and Aurora B with IC50 of 110 nM, 130 nM respectively, > 8 fold selectivity than Aurora C, MEK1, Src.
HY-10313 ZD 2486 January 2017
HY-10420 ZK-93426 January 2017
HY-11013 ZSET1446 January 2017
ZSET1446 is a is a novel cognitive enhancer that significantly improves learning deficits in various types of Alzheimer disease (AD) models.
HY-12092 Zilmax January 2017
HY-12397 ZK159222 January 2017
HY-12407 ZK168281 January 2017
HY-12424 Zotarolimus January 2017
Zotarolimus is a tetrazole-containing Rapamycin analog which is used as animmunomodulator, and is useful in the treatment of restenosis, immune, and autoimmune diseases.
HY-12465 Z-Ile-Leu-aldehyde January 2017
Z-Ile-Leu-aldehyde(Z-IL-CHO; GSI-XII) is a potent gamma-Secretase inhibitor; Notch signaling inhibitor.
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