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HY-10192  |  NVP-TAE 684
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HY-10355  |  AKT inhibitor VIII
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HY-50662  |  A-769662
HY-50907  |  ABT-737
HY-70061  |  Aurora A inhibitor I
Cat.No. Product Name / Activity Added
HY-100039 YYA-021 August 2017
YYA-021 is a small-molecule CD4 mimic that inhibits HIV entry, with high anti-HIV activity and low cytotoxicity.
HY-100258 Y 9738 August 2017
HY-100330 YM 348 August 2017
HY-10067 Y-33075 August 2017
Y-33075 is potent and selective p160ROCK inhibitor with an Ki value of 0.
HY-10068 Y-33075 (hydrochloride) August 2017
HY-10069 Y-33075 (dihydrochloride) August 2017
Y-33075 dihydrochloride is a selective <b>ROCK</b> inhibitor derived from Y-27632, and is more potent than Y-27632.
HY-10070 Y-33075 (dihydrochloride hydrate) August 2017
HY-10071 Y-27632 August 2017
Y-27632 is an ATP-competitive inhibitor of <b>ROCK-I</b> and <b>ROCK-II</b>, with <b>K<sub>i</sub></b> of 220 nM and 300 nM for <b>ROCK-I</b> and <b>ROCK-II</b>, respectively.
HY-10071A Y-27632 (Dihydrochloride Hydrate) August 2017
HY-100724 YM 17690 August 2017
HY-100764 YUKA1 August 2017
HY-100769 YL0919 August 2017
YL0919, a novel antidepressant candidate with dual activity as a 5-HT1A receptor agonist and a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor,the IC50 values of YL-0919 inhibiting the uptake of 5-HT into rat cerebral cortical synaptosomes and human recombinant cells were 1.
HY-100831 YM-58483 August 2017
YM-58483 is the first selective and potent inhibitor of <b>CRAC channels</b> and subsequent Ca<sup>2+</sup> signals.
HY-100928 YS 035 (hydrochloride) August 2017
HY-101069 Y 26763 August 2017
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