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HY-10087  |  Navitoclax
HY-10128  |  ZM-447439
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HY-10192  |  NVP-TAE 684
HY-10249  |  GSK-690693
HY-10355  |  AKT inhibitor VIII
HY-10358  |  MK 2206 (dihydrochloride)
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HY-11007  |  GNF-2
HY-50662  |  A-769662
HY-50907  |  ABT-737
HY-70061  |  Aurora A inhibitor I
Cat.No. Product Name / Activity Added
HY-10001 Calcipotriol August 2017
Calcipotriol is a synthetic VitD<sub>3</sub> analogue with a high affinity for the <b>vitamin D</b> receptor.
HY-100012 CBR-5884 August 2017
CBR-5884 is a novel and noncompetitive 3-Phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase (PHGDH) inhibitor with IC50=33 μM).
HY-10001A Calcipotriol (monohydrate) August 2017
Calcipotriol monohydrate is a synthetic VitD3 analogue with a high affinity for the <b>vitamin D</b> receptor.
HY-10002 Calcitriol August 2017
Calcitriol is the most active metabolite of vitamin D.
HY-100021 CPI-1205 August 2017
HY-100087 Chryseno[2,3-d][1,3]dioxole-2,7(4aH,5H)-dione, 4b,6,6a,7a,10a,11,11a,11b,12,13-decahydro-5-hydroxy-7a-(hydroxymethyl)-4a,6a-dimethyl-9-propyl-, (4aR,4bS,5S,6aS,7aR,10aR,11aS,11bS)- August 2017
HY-100106 Cyclohexaneacetic acid, α-[[[6-[3-(hydroxyamino)-3-oxopropyl]-3-pyridinyl]methyl]amino]-, (αS)- August 2017
HY-100109 Carbisocaine August 2017
HY-100113 C 21 August 2017
HY-100123 Cholest-4-en-3-one, oxime, (3E)- August 2017
HY-100142 Clobuzarit August 2017
HY-100178 CX 157 August 2017
HY-100179 CR 4056 August 2017
HY-100207 CP21R7 August 2017
CP21R7 is a potent and selective GSK-3β inhibitor.
HY-100219 CB 1151 August 2017
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