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HY-10355  |  AKT inhibitor VIII
HY-10358  |  MK 2206 (dihydrochloride)
HY-10992  |  AZD-7762
HY-10997  |  PCI-32765
HY-11001  |  PHA-793887
HY-11002  |  CP-466722
HY-11007  |  GNF-2
HY-11009  |  CGP60474
Cat.No. Product Name / Activity Added
HY-101621 Teludipine (hydrochloride) October 2017
Teludipine is a lipophilic <b>calcium channel</b> blocker.
HY-101640 TPA 023 October 2017
TPA 023 is a <b>GABAA α2/α3</b> subtype-selective agonist, with <b>K<sub>i</sub></b> of 0.
HY-10166 Tecalcet (Hydrochloride) October 2017
HY-101669 TDN345 October 2017
TDN345 is a <b>Ca<sup>2+</sup></b> antagonist, used for the treatment of vascular and senile dementia including Alzheimer's disease.
HY-10167 Tecalcet October 2017
HY-101674 Tiapamil (hydrochloride) October 2017
Tiapamil hydrochloride is a <b>calcium channel</b> blocker.
HY-101705 Tibenelast (sodium) October 2017
Tibenelast sodium is a <b>phosphodiesterase</b> inhibitor.
HY-101712 TRC051384 October 2017
TRC051384 is a heat shock protein 70 (<b>HSP70</b>) inducer.
HY-101734 Trestolone October 2017
Trestolone is a synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) of the nandrolone (19-nortestosterone) group.
HY-101748 Tegadifur October 2017
Tegadifur is a fluorine-containing and anti-metabolic drug.
HY-101755 Tedatioxetine (hydrobromide) October 2017
Tedatioxetine hydrobromide acts as a triple reuptake inhibitor and <b>5-HT<sub>2A</sub></b>, <b>5-HT<sub>2C</sub></b>, <b>5-HT<sub>3</sub></b> and <b>α<sub>1A</sub>-adrenergic receptor</b> antagonist.
HY-101761 TM5441 October 2017
TM5441 is a plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (<b>PAI-1</b>); inhibits several tumor cell lines with <b>IC<sub>50</sub></b> values between 9.
HY-101762 TYK2-IN-2 October 2017
TYK2-IN-2 is an inhibitor of <b>TYK2</b>, used for treatment of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.
HY-101777 TC-O 9311 October 2017
HY-101810 Tazanolast October 2017
Tazanolast is a selective mast-cell-stabilizing drug, on ozone-induced airway hyperresponsiveness in guinea pigs.
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