Methyl Salicylate

CAS No. : 119-36-8

(Synonyms: Wintergreen oil)

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Cat. No. : HY-Y0189
M.Wt: 152.15
Formula: C8H8O3
Purity: >98 %
Storage: at 20℃ 2 years
Solubility: Ethanol : 25 mg/mL (164.31 mM; Need ultrasonic)
Introduction of 119-36-8 :

Methyl Salicylate (Wintergreen oil) is a topical analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent. Also used as a pesticide, a denaturant, a fragrance ingredient, and a flavoring agent in food and tobacco products[1]. A systemic acquired resistance (SAR) signal in tobacco[2]. A topical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). Methyl salicylate lactoside is a COX inhibitor[4]. In Vitro: Methyl Salicylate is a systemic acquired resistance signal in tobacco. It (0-1 mg/L) esterases activity of salicylic acid–binding protein 2 (SABP2), which converts MeSA into salicylic acid (SA), is required for SAR signal perception in systemic tissue[2].

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